Catalyst, Fastai, Ignite and Pytorch-Lightning are all amazing frameworks but which one should I use for project x? I have been asking myself the same question and it is not an easy answer.

There are several factors at play and framework selection also depends on your background. I will outline…

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This post covers a quick overview of axes in numpy (NB both numpy and pytorch use same representation)

import numpy as np


2D matrices

For both numpy and pytorch, axis 0 = row, 1 = column

Note how when we specify axis=0 for sum, we are collapsing along that (row) axis


This is an article documenting the lessons I have learnt building two watercooled deep learning boxes. There are plenty of youtube videos and articles about watercooling gaming rigs, there is much less information about multi-GPU water-cooling setups.

My custom loop watercooled build with 3xGtx 1080ti’s

If you research what type of GPU’s to use for multi-GPU deep learning…

There are some Pandas DataFrame manipulations that I keep looking up how to do. I am recording these here to save myself time. These may help you too.

Time series data

Convert column to datetime with given format

df[‘day_time’] = pd.to_datetime(df[‘day_time’], format=’%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S’)0 2012–10–12 00:00:00
1 2012–10–12 00:30:00
2 2012–10–12 01:00:00
3 2012–10–12 01:30:00…

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Geophysicist and Deep Learning Practitioner

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